Time is TBD | 32 Players (5 Games)

Fifa 21 Tournament (PlayStation 4)

Fifa 21 Tournament (PlayStation 4)

Time & Player Count

Time is TBD
32 Players (5 Games)

About the Event

This tournament involves 32 players, so to come 1st you only need to win 5 games. You can do it!

This tournament has a ticket price of only £4 per player and if that wasn't a good enough reason to join, wait until you hear the amazing prizes up for grabs:

Physical rewards for this tournament are as follows:

1st place prize is £50

2nd place prize is £25

3rd & 4th place prizes are £10 per player

Point rewards for this tournament are as follows:

  1. If you are you are knocked out of the tournament in the first round you will gain 10 VGT points
  2. Every opponent you knock out after this you will gain a bonus 10 VGT points
  3. There is also a 50% VGT point boost available for winning this tournament

This means you only need to win 3 games to multiply your money by 250% and gain 40 VGT points! All while having fun, playing your favourite game!

The basic rules for the tournament are as follows :

-The tournament will begin once all players have registered

-Team size: 1v1

-Game mode: Online Friendlies

-Map: N/A

-Game rules: Standard rules

-One game per opponent, no rematches

-If you rage quit, you lose

-In the case of a disconnect, there must be photo proof or you will go down as a loss

-A photo of the score at the end of the game must be provided (Including all PlayStation names)

  • PlayStation Fifa Tournament

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