What We Do

Where Passion Meets Talent

VGameTournaments provides an online site where all gamers are welcome. We provide a forum and a members page where gamers can make new friends, connect with old ones or follow their favourite content creator. We also provide access to regular tournaments with leaderboards where you can win cash, gift cards and gaming equipment. Come join the fun! By tying all of this together in one place we can feel reminiscent of an old school arcade and relive 'the good old days'.

Our Mission

A Place For All Gamers

VGameTournaments aims to be a social hub that welcomes everyone and anyone. We want this space to be free from hate and discrimination and to be a safe place for like minded gamers to meet and make friends. We also want to create a universally recognised ranking system between games to determine 'the best gamer' and to add an extra bit of healthy competition. VGameTournaments hopes the competitive features paves the way for the future stars of gaming while also allowing the average player to strive and win plenty of tournaments.

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